Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yorkshire Pudding with Roast Beef

The everyday cookbook circa 1887

Have your meat ready for roasting on Saturday, always. Roast upon a grating of several clean sticks (not pine) laid over the dripping-pan. Dash a cup of boiling water over the beef when it goes into the oven; baste often, and see that the fat does not scorch. About three-quarters of an hour before it is done mix the pudding.

Yorkshire Pudding;
One pint of milk, four eggs, whites and yolks beaten separately; two cups of flour-prepared flour is best(white flour?); one teaspoon salt.
Use less flour if batter grows stiff. Mix quickly; pour off the fat from the top of the gravy in the dripping pan, leaving just enough to prevent the pudding from sticking to the bottom. Pour in the batter and continue to roast the beef, letting the dripping fall upon the pudding below. The oven should be brisk by this time. Baste the meat with the gravy you have taken out to make room for the batter.
In serving, cut the pudding into squares and lay about the meat in the dish.
It is very delicious.

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