Friday, June 10, 2011

Cherry Sauce

Century cookbook circa 1894

Cherry sauce (for sweet puddings. German recipe)

You need one pound of cherries, one tablespoonful of flour, on ounce of butter, one half pint of water, one wineglassful of port, a little grated lemon rind, four pounded cloves, two teaspoonfuls of lemon juice, sugar to taste.

Stone cherries, and pond the kernels in a mortar to a smooth paste; put the butter and flour into a sauce pan; stir them over the fire until of a(it is a) pale brown; then add the cherries, the pounded kernels, the wine and the water.

Simmer these gently for a quarter of an hour, or until the cherries are quit cooked, and rub the whole through a hair sieve; add the remaining ingredients, let the sauce boil for another five minutes and serve.

This is a delicious sauce the serve with boiled batter pudding, and when thus used, should be sent to the table poured over the pudding.

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