Monday, June 6, 2011

Tapioca Custard Pudding

By Martha (hand written recipe from Martha(?))

One cup tapioca soaked overnight in cold water enough to cover it.
one quart of milk
One large cup powdered sugar
5 egg (separated)
half the grated peel of one lemon
a very little salt
make a custard of the yolks sugar and milk
warm the milk slightly before mixing in with other ingredients
Beat this custard into the soaked tapioca,
Whisk the whites of the eggs to a standing froth
Stir in swiftly and lightly
Set the pudding dish (well buttered) into a pan of boiling water and bake covered in a moderate oven until the custard is well set.
Brown delicately by setting it for a minute on the upper grate of a hot oven.
This may be eaten warm or cold with or without sauce.

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