Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Red , White and Blue

(for flag day unofficially celebrated since 1861)
Twentieth Century speaker circa 1899

Oh, flag of a resolute nation,
Oh, flag if the strong and the free,
The cherished of true-hearted millions,
We hallow thy colors three!

Three proud, floating emblems of glory,
Our guide for the coming time;
The red, white and blue, in their beauty,
Love gives them a meaning sublime.

Thy red is the deep crimson life-stream
Which flowed on the battle-plain,
Redeeming our land from oppression,
And leaving no servile stain.

Thy white is a proud people's honor,
Kept spotless and clear as light;
A pledge of unfaltering justice,
A symbol of truth and right.

Thy blue is our nation's endurance,
And points to the blue above;
The limitless, measureless azure,
A type of our Father's love.

Thy stars are God's witness of blessing,
And smile at the foeman's frown;
They sparkle and gleam in their splendor,
Bright gems in the world's great crown.

By Montgomery

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