Friday, July 1, 2011

Frozen Tapioca Custard

Newspaper clipping- Journal and Messenger July 6, 1905

Cook a cup of fine tapioca in a quart of warm milk in a double boiler until it looks clear and is quite thick, stirring frequently to prevent lumping.
Beat together the whites of two eggs and the yolks of three until very light, then add gradually a cup of sugar and beat again.
Stir this into the cooked tapioca and stir until it is as thick as custard.
Remove from the fire, cover, and set away to cool.
Add two teaspoonfuls of vanilla and turn into the freezer, well packed in ice, and freeze quite stiff. Beat up the remaining white of egg and mix a cup of thick cream, whipped to a stiff, dry froth.
Mix this thoroughly through the cream(Tapioca mixture) and finish freezing.
Repack in coarser ice and salt and let stand several hours.

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